Yoga lessons

My spirituality is a central part of my life. It reflects in my artwork, my yoga practices, and my Buddhist sadhanas, including healing practices. All these aspects unify with a creative force that I joyfully embrace with gratitude. I am constantly updating my practices with new teachings; I will be learning new yogic practices in India throughout the coming winter. So, wherever I travel I carry with me, my yoga mat. I can offer you artwork for your yoga or healing centre. Join me one day at our yoga classes or retreats in Rovinj.

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Meditation is now, for me, a daily practice. The benefits are wonderful. If you wish a one-on-one session on-line or in person, I can introduce you to the practice. For the last three years I have regularly held Sunday on-line sessions. From these, a meditation handbook is evolving, the working title is ‘365’. Once this is completed, I shall share some meditations here on the website.If you wish to join the free on-line sessions, either e mail me for details or join us in the Zoom meditation room. 10am CET most Sundays.
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