jan ejsymontt

"Pause, drop into inner silence, only then, for me, creativity can begin to flow."

My art

I have several styles and techniques, that range from completely abstract to figurative works. Sometimes I have specific commissions and have to follow some guiding ideas, but on most occasions, I will stand in front of a new canvas and have no idea what will happen; it is a glorious moment which I relish.
My jewellery is an eclectic mix of stones, glass and natural findings; I create only one-off pieces, that are often highly texturized and colourful.

Pearl necklace

Yoga & yogic artwork

I took yoga teacher trainings in Sri Lanka and now teach yoga and meditation on a regular basis. I love to learn, I love to travel, so my life revolves around all my passions for art, creativity, travel, meditation and yoga. Let this website take you in any direction that pleases you I hope you enjoy and please contact me if you want further details on any artwork or yoga programmes.