I was born in Yorkshire, England to an English mother and Polish father, many moons ago. I have lived in several places around the world but had never really loved any of these places until I stumbled upon  Rovinj in Croatia. Just 24 hours into my visit,I sat on a tiny balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea and a dolphin jumped out of the water. I decided at that moment, that I was going to live here; never in my life had I been so sure of anything. I have had my workshop and gallery in Rovinj for over 17 years. I recently closed the gallery and began working from home; supplying other local galleries with my work and selling on the internet.

Having experimented in several mediums, I find acrylic paints are ideal for my style of painting; they are versatile, flexible, allow for texturization, allowing me to embed natural items like sea glass, feathers, sand and ceramics into the artwork.
I love textures and thick, thick paint.I have several styles and techniques, that range from completely abstract to figurative works. Sometimes I have specific commissions and have to follow some guiding ideas, but on most occasions, I will stand in front of a new canvas and have no idea what will happen; it is a glorious moment which I relish.

My jewellery is an eclectic mix of stones, glass and natural findings; I create only one-off pieces, that are often highly texturized and colourful.Both the practice of painting and making jewellery are meditative and mindful.
I take my yogic and other spiritual practices into my art and often paint Buddhas, Mandalas and Symbols. Combining my passions in this way produces work that comes directly from the heart. Many who have personally experienced my work and have it in their homes, or have practiced yoga with me can understand the joy with which I create.